Examples of their artwork have been exhibited at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915) and the Century of Progress (1933), in addition to in exhibitions hosted by the overall Federation of Girls’s Clubs, Museum of Advantageous Arts, Boston, the Los Angeles County Museum of Artwork, and at different venues in Paris, France, and the United States. These embody the Richmond Art Museum, the Evansville Museum of Arts, Historical past and Science, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the David Owsley Museum of Artwork Ball State University, and the Indiana State Museum, amongst others. The Herron Artwork Institute later grew to become the Indianapolis Museum of Art, with art instruction continuing to the present-day on the Herron School of Artwork and Design at Indiana College – Purdue College Indianapolis. Stark retired from instructing at Manual High school and the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis in 1919 to turn out to be a full-time painter. In addition to his quite a few paintings, Stark created murals for Indianapolis Public Faculties, Faculty Quantity 60 in 1913 with Indiana artist Carl G. Graf. E.B. was subject to a minimal, no contact, search in April 2022 after school officials fairly relied on one other pupil’s report that E.B. Stark suffered a stroke in April 1926, and died in Indianapolis on April 14, 1926, at the age of sixty-seven.

The girls owned and dealt with all features of their creative enterprise until 1955, when the last of the sisters died and the pottery closed. The Overbeck sisters (Margaret, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary Frances) had been American women potters and artists of the Arts and Crafts Motion who established Overbeck Pottery of their Cambridge Metropolis, Indiana, home in 1911 with the goal of producing original, excessive-quality, hand-wrought ceramics as their main source of earnings. His work was also exhibited the National Academy of Design in New York City, the Pennsylvania Academy of Wonderful Arts in Philadelphia, at annual exhibitions of the American Watercolor Society and the Society of Western Artists, and at native exhibitions in his hometown of Indianapolis. As well as, their artwork is included in a number of museum collections, and has been featured in ceramic arts and collectibles magazines and a 2006 episode of Antiques Roadshow. Indianapolis Museum of Artwork. Question search results of the Indianapolis Museum of Art Collection, “Otto Stark”.

Liver cirrhosis is a degenerative inflammatory illness that leads to hardening and scarring of liver cells. In November 2017, an outbreak was detected at Hospital de São Francisco Xavier, Lisbon, Portugal, with up to 53 individuals being diagnosed with the illness and 5 of them dying from it. In 1914, together with Forsyth, Steele, and eleven different artists, Stark painted murals for Indianapolis City Hospital. Stark’s contribution for the hospital murals was Toy Parade, a panoramic frieze for a third-floor kindergarten room. Stark’s work is included in non-public collections, as well as several art museums in Indiana. In 1910 his work was included in international exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at Santiago, Chile. Stark incessantly exhibited his art during his practically fifty-12 months painting profession, which reached its peak in the 1890s. He submitted greater than 750 entries in more than fifty exhibitions, together with work exhibited at main exhibitions, such because the Paris Salon of 1886 and 1887, the Trans-Mississippi Exposition at Omaha, Nebraska, in 1898, the Louisiana Buy Exposition in 1904, worldwide expositions in Argentina and Chile 1910, and the Panama-Pacific Worldwide Exposition in 1915 in San Francisco.

Stark’s Sunset over town was exhibited at a world exposition of art and history in 1911 at Rome, Italy. Stark’s profession as an artwork instructor also influenced his former college students, which include a number of notable Indiana painters, corresponding to Marie Goth, William Edouard Scott, Elmer Taflinger, Evelyn Mess Every day, Emma Eyles Sangernebo, and Bertha Hazelrigg Brown, amongst others. One of the best Years: Indiana Paintings of the Hoosier Group, 1880-1915, Theodore C. Steele, John Ottis Adams, William Forsyth, Otto Stark, Richard Gruelle. Judith Vale Newton, Jane Eckert, Henry Eckert, and William H. Gerdts (1985). The Hoosier Group: 5 American Painters. Newton, Judith V. (Summer 1991). “The Hoosier Group: Painters of the Indiana Panorama”. Newton, Judith Vale, and Carol Ann Weiss. Newton, “The Hoosier Group,” pp. Newton, Judith Vale, and Carol Ann Weiss (1993). A Grand Tradition: The Arts and Artists of the Hoosier Salon, 1925-1990. Indianapolis, Indiana: Hoosier Salon Patrons Affiliation. Judith Vale Newton and Carol Ann Weiss.

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